We are your communication partner.

You know us. We help you to breathe fresh air in your media landscape.

What we are here for

Our passion is to focus your strategy on communication goals and media products that make a difference

We use our expertise in communicating European values to support our clients in achieving their goals. Like a cool sea breeze, we bring a breath of fresh air to your communication. We maintain a collaborative and caring relationship with our clients and see their success as an extension of our own. Our mission is to deliver effective communications and media solutions to help you get the most out of your investment.

Communication Strategy

We help you align your digital communication strategy to engage your target audiences more effectively. And we’ll show you tactics to make the most efficient use of your time and budget to maximise the results of your projects and campaigns.

Media Production

Convincing stories, photos and videos about your work and your successes gains you respect and appreciation. We show you not only how to create stunning content but also how it inspires and engages the right people at the right time.

Social Media & Landingpages

We enrich your media landscape: With social media and landing pages we deliver ideas and create a stage for your organisation, projects and events.


We help you to reach more relevant people with less effort

Reach your goals faster

With a strategy tailored to your organisation and focussed on your target group you will reach your communication goals sooner.

Better address of your target group

With a better understanding of your audiences, messages can be targeted to convince and inspire more people in your target group.

More reactions and recognition

Campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can help you reach and engage more people who don’t yet know your organisation or brand.


You know us. We have been providing services to the Council of Europe for more than 10 years. Other satisfied clients of ours are municipalities, hospitals and international NGOs. Working with value- and community-based organisations allows us to work on projects that make a difference. We are grateful to our clients for their trust and the opportunity to do meaningful work nationally and internationally.


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